What Is Unsecapp.exe And Is It Safe?

The Windows operating system (OS) is a set of processes, services, utilities, and applications. While processes and services are running in the background, you see apps running through the operating system’s user interface. Background processes and services are essential to the proper functioning of an operating system.

Unsecapp.exe is a Windows system process that runs in the background. But the name of the operation is rather unfamiliar and ominous. This is the reason why many doubt whether Unsecapp.exe is safe on their PC. In this article, we will explain what Unsecapp.exe is, is it safe to keep it, and do you need to remove it from your system?

What is Unsecapp.exe?

Unsecapp is a short form for Universal sink to receive a response from the application. It is a core component of the Windows operating system, and is part of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). It is widely used by all applications that use WMI programming. It is a method of receiving asynchronous callbacks from WMI applications, and it is necessary to work with many services and drivers in the background.

The entire work of the Unsecapp process is complex and technical. Windows uses the process to understand and respond to requests from WMI client applications. Therefore, it basically acts as an intermediary between certain services and applications and Windows so that Windows can understand the requests from these applications and respond with appropriate instructions.

For example, you have installed an app on Windows, and the app wants to display notifications on the taskbar notification area. The app will send a call or request to Windows through Unsecapp, and Windows will send a response through Unsecapp to the app to show the notification on the taskbar.

This type of interaction continues through Unsecapp all the time and therefore it is constantly running in the background. So, you can discover the process in the Windows Task Manager.

Is Unsecapp.exe safe?

Anything that comes pre-installed with the Windows operating system is completely safe. Unsecapp.exe is a system file, which is an essential part of the Windows operating system. Its presence is critical for the proper functioning of services, applications, and the operating system as a whole.

Unsecapp.exe application in WindowsSystem32wbem

In fact, you can locate the file on your Windows PC as C:WindowsSystem32wbem Folder. You can also open the file location from Task Manager.

However, there are many who are skeptical about Unsecapp.exe due to its name. Its name is a short form as we already mentioned and in a way, the short form has an ominous sound to it coincidentally. As long as the file is inside the wbem folder as we mentioned, it is completely safe.

However, there may be malware with the same name as Unsecapp.exe. You can identify it as a malware file by checking its file location. If the location is not C:WindowsSystem32wbem, it is very likely that it is malicious. In this case, you must remove it immediately.

How to remove Unsecapp.exe?

Real Unsecapp.exe – You cannot remove the original Unsecapp.exe file Windows. Moreover, you should not even try to remove the real Unsecapp.exe file. This is because it is necessary for the proper operation of the Windows operating system.

If you somehow remove the original Unsecapp.exe file, some services and applications may start to crash and you can get error messages. You can stop the process but you cannot remove the file. Even when the process is forcefully stopped, Windows may start to crash as well.

The fake file Unsecapp.exe – When you open Task Manager and spotted more than one Unsecapp.exe running in the background, it means that there is a real Unsecapp.exe file and the other is a fake Unsecapp.exe. In fact, the fake Unsecapp.exe is most likely to be malware.

The reason why malware uses the name Unsecapp.exe is because antivirus applications cannot detect it or ignore the file as a system file. Below are the steps that you must follow to remove the malicious Unsecapp.exe file on your PC.

1. Open Windows task manager And go to the tab Operations and even Details.

2. Under the Operations/Details tab, if you find more than one Unsecapp.exe file, right-click on the files and click “Open file location‘ Selection.

Click an option

3. If the Unsecapp.exe file is located in “C:WindowsSystem32wbem“, it’s the real Unsecapp.exe file, you should not try to remove it.

If Unsecapp.exe is located anywhere else, then it is a fake and malicious Unsecapp.exe file, and you need to delete it. You can delete the file manually, and in most cases, you may not be able to delete it manually.

Even if you delete it manually, it may contain a duplicate somewhere else, thus, you will still find it under Processes in Task Manager. Therefore, manually removing the Unsecapp.exe malicious software file may not be effective.

To eliminate malware, you will need a malware scanner and remover. You can use a third-party malware scanner, but if you don’t want a third-party malware removal software, we suggest you use Windows security app which was previously called Windows Defender. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Right-click on the Start button and select Settings from the list.

2. From Settings, go to Update & Security > Windows Security tab. Click on Open Windows Security button. This will open the Windows Security app.

Open the Windows Security app.

3. Go to Virus and threat protection tab, click Scan Options.

Go to the Virus & threat protection tab, and click Scan Options.

4. Select a file Microsoft Defender Offline Scan option to detect rogue malware like fake Unsecapp.exe file.

5. Finally, tap Check now Button and wait patiently for the fake Unsecapp.exe file to be detected and removed automatically. After removal, your computer will restart and you can go back to Task Manager and see if Unsecapp.exe is present only once.

Click Scan Now

last words

Unsecapp.exe is a system file and an integral part of the Windows operating system. Unsecapp.exe is primarily a background process that helps certain processes and applications interact with Windows to access certain functions in Windows.

The real Unsecapp.exe file is safe and mandatory for Windows to run properly. However, there might be a fake Unsecapp.exe file that is disguised malware and can harm your PC which you need to remove immediately.

questions and answers

Is Unsecapp.Exe a virus?

No, Unsecapp.exe is not a virus. It is a Windows platform file.

What does the Unsecapp process do?

The Unsecapp process sends requests to use any system component coming from services and applications to Windows and sends responses from Windows to the respective services and applications.

Should I delete Unsecapp.Exe?

No, you should not delete Unsecapp.exe because deleting it will cause Windows to crash and crash.

How to identify a fake Unsecapp.Exe file?

To identify the fake Unsecapp.exe file, you should check the file location. If it is located in the C:WindowsSystem32wbem folder, it is the real file C:WindowsSystem32wbem. Otherwise, it is a fake file and most likely a malicious program.

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