Zoom Screenshot Tool: Tips And Tricks (2022)

Taking a screenshot is a quick and easy way to save and share what’s on your screen. But how do you take screenshots directly from Zoom and share them in chat? The Zoom desktop client contains a file Built-in Zoom screenshot tool that you can use for this. Let’s learn how to take and share instant screenshots on Zoom and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Screenshot magnification window

How to use the Zoom Screenshot Tool on Windows, macOS, and Linux?

Zoom’s official screenshot tool is only for the desktop client and you can use it in the chat section.

Use the Zoom Screenshot tool in chats (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

To start a conversation, you first need to add a contact. Skip this step if you want to send a screenshot on Zoom to someone who is already in your Zoom contacts.

Step 1: Open Zoom and sign in.

Step 2: Add a contact by going to the Contacts tab.

Step 3: Click on the “+” sign next to Contacts and Channels.

Step 4: Select the first option from the small menu: “Invite a Zoom Contact”.

Step 5: Type in the contact’s email address and hit Invite.

Now follow these steps to take and Send an instant screenshot from your Zoom client Using the Zoom screenshot tool.

Step 1: Go to “Chat” from the main page window to enlarge.

Step 2: Click on a contact from the sidebar in the chat window.

Step 3: Select “Screenshot” under the writing area.

Step 4: Take a screenshot of the screen and edit it with the tools available on the screen and hit “Capture”.

Step 5: Type something in the Writing section (optional) and hit the arrow button or hit Enter to submit.

How to take and share a screenshot during a Zoom meeting (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Zoom’s screenshot tool is not available for Live meet Chat section. However, you can share the screen in a Zoom meeting from the controls. But often, you just want to share a screenshot. You can achieve this using your operating system’s screenshot tool.

First, we’ll take the screenshot and save it to your device or the cloud, and then share it in the chat during a Zoom meeting.

1. How to take screenshots on Microsoft Windows

Step 1: Open the window you want to take the photo from.

Step two: search ‘Snipping Tool’ and click it. An applet with controls will appear.

Step 3: Click on New and select the area of ​​the screen you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 4: You can make changes to it using the tools at the top of the screenshot and then clicking the disk icon to save.

Moreover, you can also use the keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot for Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11. The above steps are the same except, in Step 2, press Ctrl + Windows Key + S from the keyboard.

2. How to take screenshots on macOS

Step 1: Save the perusal window and tap on it Shift + Command + 3 To take a screenshot of the entire window.

Step 2: The thumbnail will be visible in the corner. Click to edit it or save it to your computer.

To take a screenshot of a portion of the window, press Shift + Command + 4 in Step 1 and select the screenshot area.

3. How to take screenshots on Linux

Journalism Prnt Scr . button on the keyboard to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

For a portion of the screen, tap Shift + Prnt Scr and select the region. The screenshot will be saved to the Pictures folder.

Share a screenshot on Zoom Chat during a Zoom meeting

Once you save the screenshot, you can share it to a file Zoom in the meeting chat section Like any other file.

Step 1: Move your cursor to the Zoom window and click “Chat” from the controls under the live video. A sidebar will open on the right.

Step 2: In the chat section, click the file icon above the writing area.

Step 3: Select “Your Computer” to upload a screenshot from your computer.

Step 4: Select and open the screenshot. It will be shared in the meeting chat.

To send a screenshot to selective Zoom meeting attendees, use the To option above the writing area and select from the list.

How to take screenshots of Zoom meetings using your computer?

You can also take a screenshot of a Zoom meeting.

Step 1: Open the Zoom desktop client and join or start a meeting.

Step 2: During the meeting, use the Snipping Tool on Windows to take a screenshot of the Zoom call. Mac users can press Shift + Command + 4 while Linux machines take screenshots if you press Shift + Prnt Scr.

How to take and share screenshots on Zoom Chat for Android and iOS

Zoom screenshot tool is only available for Zoom desktop client. So, How to take a screenshot in Zoom? There is an option to share files and photos in the chat section of the Zoom app which we can use to share screenshots. For this, we will take screenshots using your phone’s built-in instant screenshot feature.

1. Take screenshots on Android and iOS

Step 1: Open the screen you want to capture.

Step 2: Press Volume Down + Power button on Android and iOS. For older iPhones and iPads, press Volume Down + Home button.

Step 3: A thumbnail will be visible. Click to edit and save it.

2. Share screenshots in the chat section of the Zoom app on Android and iOS

If you haven’t added the contact you want to send the screenshot to, add them first as a contact.

Step 1: Open the Zoom app and tap on “Contacts”.

Step 2: Tap on the “+” sign in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Click on “Invite a Zoom Contact”.

Step 4: Type in the email address and click on Add. The added contact will be visible in the “Contacts” section.

Now we will explain how Share a screenshot Or any file in the chat section of the Zoom app.

Step 1: Open the Zoom app and select the contact you want to chat with. You can select a contact directly from the home screen or contacts.

Step 2: Tap on the “+” button in the lower left corner.

Step 3: Click on “Send File” or “Photo Album”.

Step 4: A small menu will appear. Locate the location where you saved the screenshot and open it.

Step 5: Type something if you wish and tap on the send icon.

Share snapshots when zoomed in during a meeting

You can take a screenshot by following the instructions above. Next, perform these steps to send a screenshot during a Zoom meeting:

Step 1: Tap anywhere on the screen for the controls to appear.

Step 2: Click on File Green color Share button.

Step 3: Locate and open the location where you saved the screenshot.

Step 4: Your video will be paused and the screenshot will appear to the meeting participants.

Step 5: You can click Stop Sharing to end sharing and resume your video.

How to take screenshots of Zoom meetings using your Android or iOS phone?

Step 1: Open the Zoom app and start or join a meeting

Step 2: During a Zoom call, tap Volume Down + Power button from your phone.

Capture and save a screenshot to your computer while using Zoom Web Portal

There is no chat feature on Zoom’s web portal, so Zoom’s screen capture tool is also not available. You can take a screenshot from your computer’s screenshot tool and then share it as a screen share during a Zoom meeting on your browser.

How to take screenshots on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux was explained in the previous section. We will go ahead to show you how to share a screenshot during a Zoom meeting on the Zoom web portal using your browser.

warning: It is not easy to share photos. We will use a file Screen sharing feature To show the screenshot to the participants. This method is not recommended for everyone.

Step 1: Open your browser and log in to zoom in or paste the meeting link on your browser to join a meeting.

Step 2: If you are logged in, click on Join Meeting or Host a Meeting.

Step 3: Click start meeting twice to get a file Join from your browser option and click it.

Step 4: Keep the screenshot you want to view open.

Step 4: In a Zoom meeting, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the controls under the video and tap Share screen. (This will record your screen.)

Step 5: A popup will ask for screen recording permission. Click “Full Screen” from the drop-down menu and click “Allow”.

Step 6: Now bring the screenshot to the front. Keep it there for a while.

Step 7. Turn off the sharing screen and make sure it is off.

How to send files, camera photos, and voice messages on Zoom Chat?

Zoom Desktop Client

Step 1: Open the Chat section of Zoom and click the contact for File sharing and voice messages.

Step 2: Click “File” to send any file or camera image, or click “Record” to record a voice message.

Step 3: Click the submit icon or press Enter.

For Zoom Android app

Send files and photos

Step 1: On the Zoom Chat screen, tap on the “+” sign

Step 2: Select “Photo Album” or “Send File” to send any photo or file.

Step 3: Tap on the photo or file to send and tap on Select, then Done.

Send a voice message

Step 1: Press the microphone button

Step 2: A larger button will appear. Press and hold the big microphone button Audio recording Then release it to send the voice message.


Screenshots make conversations and meetings more fun and interactive. You can use Zoom’s native screenshot tool or your device’s built-in screenshot tool to capture and share screenshots on Zoom.

questions and answers

What are the basic requirements to use the Zoom Screenshot tool?

If you are a Windows, macOS or Linux user, the Zoom client version must be 5.2.x or higher. For Android and iOS users, check if the Zoom app version is 5.2.x or higher. If your account has an admin, make sure the admin has allowed chat features.

Can’t see the screenshot tool in the Zoom chat section?

First, the native Zoom screenshot tool is only available for the Zoom desktop client. If you don’t see the tool on your computer, check for updates.
go to Zoom Client > Profile Picture > Check for Updates.

What if I used a third-party software to take a screenshot of Zoom?

You can use any screenshot tool to zoom in and out. It is recommended to use the screenshot tool that is included with your operating system.
For Microsoft Windows, use the Snipping Tool
Mac users press Shift + Command + 4
For Linux, press Shift + Prnt Scr
On Android and iOS devices, press Volume Down + Power button.

Does Zoom tell you if someone has taken a screenshot?

Unfortunately no. If you are attending a Zoom meeting or chatting live on any platform of any kind, your screenshot can be taken without your permission. if I were Take a screenshot of a Zoom meeting, it would be a good practice to obtain permission from the participants or at least announce that you have taken a screenshot.

How do you take a screenshot without the volume button?

Most devices have a screenshot option in the quick access menu. Simply scroll down to see the list of notifications and tap on the screenshot icon. If your device does not have this option, you can install a screen capture app from Google Play or the App Store.

How do I restore screenshot folder in Windows 10?

Mostly, screenshots taken from the Snipping Tool are saved in the Pictures folder. Go to File Explorer and search for Pictures On the left side of the screen below Quick access. If you can’t find it, open Snipping Tool > Capture Anything > Click Save. It will open the location of the last saved screenshot.

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